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Physical Computing - Mid-Term Tetris Hero

We believe that some "old thing" still have some value today and we want to revive "forgotten memory". Our team discovers a new way to play a classic game - Tetris. Instead of using several fingers to press the keyboard, we want this game to be more kinetic. We decided to design several gestures to control the game: When the player press down his/her index finger to make blocks move left; ring finger to let the block move right; the middle finger to let the block move down. We designed that because we used to use our index finger to press the left-arrow key on the keyboard and so on. And also, we used an accelerometer to control the rotation of blocks: if the player rotates his/her hand counter-clockwise, the block will rotate counter-clockwise correspondingly; the reverse is true for clockwise rotation. We adapted a previous Tetris code to realize our ideas. We used serial communication technology to connect Arduino with Processing, and I us

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